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Facial Acupuncture
Facial Acupuncture Chicago

Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation

Patients routinely are very happy to find facial acupuncture bringing back youthful aesthetic appearance and facial rejuvenation.

Cosmetic acupuncture enhances smoothing of fine lines in the skin of the face and neck and tightening and toning of facial muscles. It is a natural alternative to facial surgery or Botox injections.

Facial Acupuncture has been used for 4000 years to tighten facial muscle and vanish wrinkles. A facial acupucture session is perfect for a wedding or special occasion. A full series of treatments can take years off your appearance and bring back facial tone and shape.

Facial acupuncture is a safe alternatives to fillers and facial peels.

Benefits reported from facial acupuncture patients include

Positive effects to cosmetic acupuncture besides looking younger?

The most rewarding part of our job is to hear patient satisfaction. The benefit to the patient of facial acupuncture is how the result make them feel about themselves. Patients not only want to look great they want to feel great, too. Acupuncture has so many other health benefits that it would be almost impossible for a patient not to experience a positive side effect. A great example is better sleep the night the patient has a treatment. The most common positive side effect is much better energy and a happy patient.

Is cosmetic acupuncture a special kind of acupuncture?

It is special because of the technique involved, the number of needles (typically over 100) and the time it takes to perform (typically 45 minutes to one hour).

How does the acupuncture affect appearance?

Facial acupuncture uses fine needles placed at various acupuncture points around the eyes, neck and face. The needles function to increase blood flow to the skin which increases circulation and helps to clear out toxins in the skin. The technique of facial acupuncture is to place as many as 100 needles in the muscle groups on the face and around the eyes which effectively tightens the skin and brings in oxygen to the tissues. The fine needles are creating a "micro-trauma" to the skin that causes the body's immune system to release endorphins and other "helpers" to increase collagen production and stimulate cell renewal. It is the body's healthy reaction to "defend" itself against the "intrusion" to the skin. The net result is the face benefits by reduction of fine lines, and by toning and tightening of the facial muscles.

How much does facial acupuncture cost?

A typical session is $150.00 A $25.00 per session discount is offered for a packages of 6 sessions.

How many sessions does facial acupuncture take for results?

The patient's face generally feels incredibly firm and stimulated after just one individual treatment. The recommended treatment time is 6-10 sessions twice weekly to begin. Then two sessions every other week and then once monthly for two months. Follow-ups depend on the patient's skin condition and the patient's desire for maintenance.

Why receive facial acupuncture from Dr. Jaffe at Chicago Loop Chiropractic?

Our office is a physician's office. Our goal is to integrate alternative therapies with western medicine in order to bring you the best of both worlds. We value what western medicine has to offer and also the incredible healing technique of acupuncture. As a primary care health provider we will also work on your beauty as a function of your internal and your external wellbeing. It is possible that your skin's appearance may warrant laboratory analysis of your general health function in order to give you an accurate assessment and recommended course of treatment.


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