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Laboratory Services

Why test for Allergens?

•We provide Ige testing for both enviornmental and food allergens to reveal the reactions that occur immediately after eating offending foods such as tree nuts or shell fish or the reactions that occur when in contact with specific environmental allergens such as mold, dust mite, or specific trees.

•Discovering delayed food reactions (IgG & IgA) and avoiding those foods for a period of time can often subside the suffering accompanying allergen reaction.

•Chronic food reactions stress the immune system with accompanying vulnerability to infections and disease.

•Multiple food sensitivities can be indicators of the health and integrity of the GI tract.

•Testing for BOTH IgG & IgA delayed food reactions tests in 2 separate compartments. IgA reactions involve mucous membranes whereas IgG reactions involve the blood. Often, IgA reactions can eventually lead to IgG reactions.

Your first visit with our office includes a detailed history and complete physical examination with Dr. Cynthia Jaffe.

A simple blood draw is all that is needed to test you for your allergens. Typically no fasting is involved unless we are also testing your glucose, iron, or cholesterol on the same day.

Results of your allergens are typically back in our office within a 5-8 business days.

We typically will also include a wellness profile to make sure that your kidney function, liver function, lipid profile, complete blood count, glucose, iron, thyroid, and vitamin B12 and vitamin D are within normal function.

Additional tests may be ordered at this time depending on the health status of the individual.

Initial allergy testing includes IgG, IgA and IgE (antibody) testing for celiac disease (gluten reaction), Panels of 164 tested foods: including spices, flavorings, coffee, tea, fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, fowl, legumes, soy, dairy, goats milk, seeds, nuts, bakers and brewers yeast, lettuce and more.

Insurance coverage for Lab work

Insurance: Most insurance plans cover laboratory testing when medically necessary. Our office will pre-qualify your benefits at no additional charge to you.

Our office is in-network with all of the major carriers in Illinois.


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