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Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition and health conditions

What is fascinating is how quickly patient’s health conditions respond to even the smallest change in their nutritional status. Patient's know when the change happens, too. They are the first to report to me how much better their joints feel when we add nutritional support. It is very satisfying as a practitioner to hear that your patient is sleeping better, has more energy and his pain is gone. Sometimes it is simply a very simple solution with perhaps a single deficient nutrient; that is what is amazing.

What conditions need nutritional counseling?

Any person who desires to remain healthy or is dealing with a health issue can benefit from nutritional counseling.

What is the nutritional testing procedure at Chicago Loop Chiropractic?

Our patient’s receive laboratory testing for glucose, vitamins, thyroid, iron, and function of body systems. There are additional tests that we run to see if a patient needs digestive enzymes which are part of our nutritional counseling.

How can nutritional counseling assist weight-loss and treating allergies?

In many ways, we have found for instance, that low vitamin D levels correlate with difficulty losing weight. Difficulty digesting proteins is also correlated with weight issues; therefore, we will often prescribe a digestive aid for those people who are trying to lose weight.

Allergens routinely benefit from nutritional supplementation. Pro-biotics are very important for intestinal health to keep down the overall inflammatory load as well as products that support the lungs to treat sinus and environmental allergens.

What about conditions labeled as attention deficit disorder in children?

In many cases Attention deficit labeled children are greatly helped by removing food allergens and addressing nutritional deficiencies. It is amazing to see the difference in school performance when an offending food is removed. In children, many food allergens are hidden allergies so when we stumble upon the foods that are important to be removed from the diet, it is always a huge relief to a parent to finally discover the causation instead of treating the symptom.

Why has nutritional imbalance become such an issue?

If we lived in a perfect world with perfect food where neither our world nor our food contained toxins and chemicals; and probably was never ever changing or evolving, then probably no one would need additional nutritional help besides the food we ate. But we all know that most of us do not live in such a world or eat such perfect food.

Why do patients choose Chicago Loop Chiropractic for nutritional counseling?

Nutritional counseling should be part of our health care today. It is preventative and should be routine in every health provider’s office. Today’s patient is better informed and more willing to take part in their own health care. They want a provider who is willing to listen and actively participate with them in their care. Today's savvy patient is looking for prevention and at the same time they are tired of being prescribed pharmaceuticals. They want another option and they want their doctors to be able to give them more holistic care. People are referred to our office because they know they will receive exactly that kind of care.


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