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Physical Therapy

What conditions are treated with physical therapy at Chicago Loop Chiropractic?

Any condition that requires the return of physical function, or requires pain control can benefit from physical therapy. For instance, the rehabilitation of a sprained ankle may require a combination of physical therapy techniques such as treatment ultrasound, electical stimulation, neuromuscular re-education, strength training, mobilization excercises and the use of ice or moist heat.

Are patients given a program or do they go to a gym, how does it work?

Patients receive both instruction on how to perform excercises and stretching modalities at home or in the gym as well as receive therapy in our office.

What kind of physical therapy equipment is employed?

Chicago Loop Chiropractic office is equipped with balance and wobble boards, strength training equipment, rubber tubing, physiotherapy balls, electrical muscle stimulation machines, tens units, ultrasound, hydrocollaters, resistance equipment, free weights and machine weights.

Does PT integrate with other healing processes?

Yes, chiropractic manipulation and/or acupuncture works very well with physical therapy whether a patient is already receiving physical therapy at a prescribed physical therapy facility or receiving physical therapy in our office.

Both physical therapy and chiropractic manipulation are designed to restore normal physical functioning, endurance, biomechanics, strength, balance, posture, coordination, general mobility, and pain control.

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