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Integrating chiropractic and mainstream medicine

Dr. Jaffe is a designated gate-keeper physician for Blue-Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois HMO

On November 26, 2000, Chicago-Tribune staff writer, Connie Lauerman wrote the article, "First line of Defense, New Respect Boosts Chiropractic as Mainstream Therapy" The article discusses how Alternative Medicine Inc., headquartered in Highland Park, is the first company in the country to combine alternative and conventional medicine in an HMO setting, where chiropractors are used as primary care physicians.

Cofounder James Zechman said such a combination has resulted in an almost 80 percent reduction in hospitalizations during two years. Outpatient surgery was reduced by almost 85 percent, he said, and pharmaceutical drug usage was reduced by 56 percent.

Dr. Cynthia Jaffe, was the first of the featured doctors in that Thanksgiving day article of the Chicago-Tribune on November 26, 2000.

Today, she remains a designated gate-keeper physician for Blue-Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois HMO giving her the ability to take care of patients within the full scope of a primary care physician's role.

Dr. Cynthia Jaffe has been pleased to be part of such ground breaking history in the chiropractic profession.

As one of approximately 18 chiropractors in the country to have achieved the ability to integrate chiropractic and mainstream medicine, she is proud and excited for you to visit the rest of her site. WELCOME!

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