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Rotational diet:

Man's nomatic roots

What is interesting is that in an evolutionary sense “man” was meant to be nomadic. We once traveled with the seasonal changes and according to the food supply.

Therefore, “man” ate a rotational diet.

Here comes agriculture

Then “man” began agriculture. We dwelled in one location and a large majority of our food supply came locally from the grain we grew where we harvested.

Diseases that had not previously troubled us began. Allergens started as well.

Think about your diet today. How many of us can say we eat more than 10 variations of our meals?

To do a true rotational diet, you need to eat biologically the same foods in one day and then remove them for a period of four days before re-introducing them back in again.

In allergy-prone people, any food eaten repetitively can become an allergen

We theoretically should eat a variety of foods and eat more nomadically like early “man”.

The problem with rotation diets, however, is they can become tedious and confusing.

With a little bit of practice and coaching they can be helpful when trying not to develop allergens to new foods we are introducing or re-develop allergens that we have put back into our diet.

Some people try just eliminating a food entirely out of the diet without testing based on a trial and error approach.

The drawback to eliminating foods in an attempt to isolate allergens

Elimination diets, unfortunately, may be eliminating a food that nutritionally you should not be eliminating and if you substitute with another food group, you may develop an allergen to a new food.

The best approach to finding and handling allergens

The best approach is to get an allergen blood test. It will save you time, money and prevent you from removing foods that may actually be healthy for your body chemistry.


Find out about our blood test procedure at our Laboratory Sevices page and make an appointment today to get tested. 847-830-8748

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