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Dr. Cynthia Jaffe D.C., RN, F.I.A.M.A.

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Neck and upper back pain

I have been a patient of Dr. Jaffe's for about 8 years. She is a wonderful doctor. I first started seeing her for neck and upper back pain - I thought it was caused by lugging all those law school books.

It turns out that she takes a very holistic look at the body and pain, and she was the first doctor to ever suggest that it may be my club foot, shorter right leg (which causes spine misalignment) and other structural issues in my body that have caused the stresses that lead to the pain I experience in my neck and upper back/shoulders.

She further encourages me to discuss my other state of health and she had me get blood tests to determine my cause of fatigue - which turned out to be a low functioning thyroid.

It was so low on normal, but still at the "bottom" of normal range, that a regular MD probably would have dismissed it. But, because she takes the time to actually listen to other symptoms you have and puts it all together, she sent me to a specialist who agreed with her and I started taking thyroid medication that has vastly improved how I feel and function.

I have had acupuncture, and she has also advised me on diet/nutrition issues. I think her knowledge, skill and caring manner add up to someone who outperforms a regular MD, because she focuses on the whole, and not just a symptom that needs a band aid slapped on it.

I highly recommend Dr. Jaffe - and I have done so for friends and family, who all walk away feeling the same way I do!


GI symptoms

I needed a chiropractor due to my bad back.  (Dance and carrying heavy bags with my small frame.)  Never did I expect to find a miracle worker!

Not only is Dr Cynthia Jaffe a Chiro, but she does several other things.

 A basic session for me (anywhere form 30 mins to 45 mins) starts off by discussing my pains.  She then cracks my back lightly, she stretches out my arms and legs and back and everything she does is gentle and perfectly placed.

 She doesn't crack the neck if she can tell it won't, or doesn't need it.  I have had chiros that have forced it to crack and it ended up hurting for days.

 After the cracking (re-aligning) and stretching she puts 4 electrodes on my back, lays down a heating pad and turns on the back roller.

 I play on the phone or try not to fall asleep.

 She also specializes in accupuncture, alternative medicine, alternative aging med, and GI problems.  

She told me that GI symptoms I am having (Food baby after eating!) is also related to my weight fluctuation & she specializes in that as well.

 I don't think there's anything she doesn't know about!

On a high note - she watches True Blood and we discuss episodes like we've watched it together for years.  She's very friendly and easy to open up to.  I HIGHLY recommend Dr Jaffe!!


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